'Frivol' for Concertina Band (Iain Masson) digital score download

'Frivol' for Concertina Band (Iain Masson) digital score download


Written as a gift for the West Midlands Concertina Group, 'Frivol' was workshopped at one of the group's meetings on 7 November 2015, conducted by the composer. This charming short waltz captures a flavour of the character of the 19th century organ grinders and ice cream makers who lived in the Italian Quarter of Birmingham ('Little Italy') in Bordesley Street, Bartholomew Street and New Canal Street Birmingham, and their friendly rapport with local people.

Download the score for concertina band as .pdf today.


Solo concertina
Treble 1 concertina
Repiano concertina
Treble 2 concertina
Baritone 1 concertina
Baritone 2 concertina
Bass concertina

Duration: c.a. 3.5 minutes.

Contents: Conductor score as .pdf

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