'PLUX 1 for Chamber Ensemble' (Iain Masson) digital score and parts download


PLUX 1 for Chamber Ensemble

Digital score and parts download (.pdf format)

Listen to full recording at https://soundcloud.com/iainmasson/plux-1-for-chamber-ensemble

A companion piece for ‘A Soldier’s Tale’ (Stravinsky) using the same instrumental forces.

Commissioned by the Royal Northern College of Music New Ensemble, premiered at the Bridgewater Hall, 1st July 2005. Dedicated to Adam Gorb.


Bb Clarinet
Bb Cornet
Double Bass
+ Conductor Score

*Percussion requirements: Triangle, Cymbal, 3 Conga Drums (Quinto- high, Conga- medium, Tumba- low), Woodblock, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Sports Whistle and Football Rattle.

Duration: c.a. 5 minutes.


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