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Extended Lessons with Iain Overtake Traditional 30-Min Lessons for First Time

Updated: Feb 4

Extended home music lessons with Iain have overtaken traditional 30-min lessons for the first time and are now the most popular choice amongst Iain's students.

Uptake of traditional half hour lessons has dropped for the first time since the recession in 2010 and these are now in third place after 45-minute and one-hour lessons.

Students have said that the 45-minute lesson offers more in-depth exploration of music with less of a rushed feel, and music theory, aural, sight-reading, technical skills and student-defined projects are given more room.

Satisfaction rates with half hour home lessons with Iain have dropped slightly for the first time in 2022-23. These were higher for students who incorporated technology into the lessons, bringing devices into lessons, filming sections of the lessons and using world class apps as part of their learning, and where parent involvement was strong.

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