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Updated: Apr 9

Iain Masson will return to lead a concertina workshop with the West Midlands Concertina Group in the Black Country.

Iain has been involved as a visiting guest musician in the past, and this will be his fourth visit to the group after visits in 2009, 2015 and 2017.

The group performed his composition, ‘Frivol’, live on Black Country Radio's "Black Country Matters" show’s #LocalMusicHour (📻 102.5FM / DAB) in the West Midlands in 2019.

Although a date has yet to be confirmed for the visit, Iain is looking forward to leading the workshop and bringing new originally composed music specially composed for the day.

Iain says, “The concertina band heritage in our country is special and highly valuable. I always enjoy my visits to the group and I am looking forward to another lovely time working with the players!”

Iain is a member of the Independent Society of Musicians.

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