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Strong African support leads to top 3% rising creator accolade for Iain

Updated: Jan 18

Support in several countries across the continent of Africa has led to Iain being awarded top 3% Rising Creator status in the second week of January 2024, by Meta.

Over 113,500 people have viewed Iain's new pieces for piano across Africa since 1st January 2024 with positive feedback, Likes, reactions and shares as Iain's Facebook page is promoted across the continent.

Support for Iain's music in Analamanga in Antananarivo, Madagascar to the East of Africa has been very strong, with over 1200 Malagasy musicians and followers liking and sharing his music.

In Nigeria, many thousands of users on Facebook and Instagram have taken time to comment and like.

Elijah Essang from Ibadan, Nigeria wrote, "Great, beautiful work 🥰". Joseph Musan, a Rising Fan from Makurdi in Central Nigeria commented, "I love it. It's beautiful and simple" and James Peters from Uyo said, "Nice piece."

Support for Iain's music in Algiers Province and Annaba Province has been very strong, with over 6000 Likes and shares.

Iain says, "Thank you to everyone for their support, their encouragement and their lovely comments. I am really grateful!"

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